Revolve Organics

Reduce, Recycle, Revolve
Composting, Mulching, and Materials Recycling


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Full Service Landscape Supply

Revolve Organics provides homeowners, landscape professionals, and large agriculture with premium bulk mulch, topsoil, and organic compost. Customer pick-up, bulk delivery, and commercial pricing are available. We make it easy to maintain a professional looking landscape.

At Revolve Organics we also process and recycle yard waste such as dimensional lumber, dirt, rock, concrete, and other yard debris. Need help clearing land, trees, or brush?


Your yard, garden, and trees will thrive with our all natural soils, compost, mulch, and healthy trees…you’ll love the quality of our landscaping and gardening products and your family will love the taste of our flavorful produce.



Landscapers and farmers can drop off tree, brush, and animal byproducts on the way in…and leave with top grade mulch, topsoil, or compost. We’re conveniently located off of 42 near the Sawmill Road intersection – your one stop shop!



Revolve Organics is farming – whether it be trees for reforestation, mulch to beautify and protect your property, or produce for the local community’s health and well being – all of this is being cultivated as we speak in our homegrown, healthy, and all natural soil.



Pick Up: 10am – 7pm M-F
Office: 8am – 6pm M-F

Our Mission

At Revolve Organics Farms, our mission is to (R)evolve local waste into usable materials – all while contributing to our local biological and economical systems, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine local landscape brush, food scraps, and animal byproducts with our wood chips to allow decomposition to take place in order to develop it into compost, mulch, and soil. In the near future we will sustainably farm and sell fresh produce and healthy trees to the local community.

Our Values

  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Education

Revolve Organics

Reduce, Recycle, Revolve
Composting, Mulching, and Materials Recycling


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